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The Modular Inline Systems are based on a parallel Fluxing-Module, a parallel Preheat-Module and a parallel Soldering-Module, in addition, this configuration is expandable.

Inline Selective Soldering for high quantities. One machine – one control – vary number of modules. An Inline solution, which can be adjusted to your needs and grow with your task. The line is ready for boards up to 460x460mm.                                                             button offer klein

The IS-I-700 Modular is based on the same concept as the IS-I-460 Modular, with this system you are prepared for the future, its capable to solder boards up to 700x700mm. The automatic width adjustment of the conveyor such as SMEMA is standard.button offer klein

Two PCBs up to 508 x 508 mm, in parallel operation and proven components. MicroDrop-Fluxer, IR-Top and Bottom-Preheater with Pyrometer, Titanium Selective soldering solder pot, wave height control, Automatic width adjustment of the conveyor, SMEMA ...button offer klein

2x MicroDrop Fluxer + 2x Preheat zone`s + 2x Solder pot`s = throughput², the system can processed up to two PCB`s simultaneously in each Module. Or can work flexible with two different nozzle diameter (small nozzle & big nozzle).                                        button offer klein