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Compact system`s with a large variety of options, ergonomic workstation and soldering area up to 650x650mm, this is the Stand-Alone series from InterSelect Germany. The machines are equipped with titanium solder pots, MicroDrop Fluxer and a wide range of options for the technological requirements of the future.

Ergonomic workspace, small footprint for large PCBs up to 335x335mm. With titanium solder pot, MicroDrop-Fluxer and a wide range of options for the technological challenges of the future!                            button offer klein

The machine, which has a large soldering area of 460x460mm, comes with one titan solder pot, one MicroDrop and can be equipped with Top- and/or Bottom-Preheater, Pyrometer and many more. button offer klein

By the two parallel solder pots and two parallel MicroDrop-Fluxer the IS-B-460 P can solder two PCBs simultaneously. The IS-B-460 P is capable of handling big lot sizes, thanks to double throughput.button offer klein

The double solder pot system IS-B-460 D two solder alloys can be used without replacing or moving the solder pot. Both solder pots can be heated up at the same time, through this possibility the change overtime can be reduced to a minimum.                         button offer klein

One MicroDrop-Fluxer and single solder pot machine IS-B-650 S can be fitted with Top- and/or Bottom-Preheater, Pyrometer-Control, operating data logging and many more. IS-B-650 S can handle PCBs up to 650x650mm – unique in its class!button offer klein

In addition, the IS-B-650 P can be equipped with the InterSelect Parallel-System, which increases the throughput dramatically. Two MicroDrop-Fluxer and two titanium solder pots enable the machine to solder two PCBs at once and provide twice the throughput!button offer klein