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  • Footprint 1,8m²
  • Two solder pots for Lead-free and Leaded alloy
  • PCB`s up to 460x460mm
  • InterSelect PhotoScan Editor
  • Windows PC with swiveling TFT Monitor
  • Customer-friendly process visualization
  • Remote maintenance and network capability
  • Pump unit and solder bath made of titanium
  • Maintenance-free micro drop jet fluxer
  • Fast and accurate positioning X, Y, Z Axis system
  • Full-surface (460x460mm) and adjustable IR - preheating from bottom and topside
  • Lowest energy costs only 1,3 sqm N2 consumption per hour

Technical Specifications

Footprint:1268 x 1430 x 1560mm ( LxBxH)

PCB holder: Length min.max. 5-460mm
.Width min.max. 5-460mm
.Components above up to 120mm
.Components below up to 40mm
.Max weight 15 KG

Energy 3 phase / 400V
. 1,3 m³/h N2 bei 99,99%
.3 bar compressed air

Preheating IR Heater from 1,5 up to 4,5 KW above
.IR Heater from 1,5 up to 4,5 KW below

Solder pot 12 KG
.Pump unit made of titanium
.Pot fully made of titanium