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Over 25 years of experience have gone into our products and services

NordsonSELECT GmbH is your innovative partner where the development and manufacture of soldering machines for selective soldering are concerned. Our entry-level systems achieve high throughput in the smallest space. You will find a compact unit in our individual station systems with a soldering area of 650 x 650 mm. Our inline systems can be expanded on a modular basis and they offer a large number of options. You can process up to six printed circuit boards simultaneously with our modular inline systems. In addition to these, we offer you a nitrogen generator that is the perfect complement to all our products.

More security for your processes: Selective soldering with NordsonSELECT

Thanks to our selective soldering units you can achieve considerable savings compared with wave soldering. Selective soldering also offers very much greater process security compared with manual soldering.

Our company’s worldwide presence ensures that you as our customers always have a contact person close at hand. Over 25 years of experience have gone into our products and services. Get an expert involved if you are considering selective soldering. Trust NordsonSELECT!