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Automatic optical inspection (AOI) is important in particular for checking soldering points

These days, quality assurance is no longer conceivable, in particular with SMD mounting (unlike with the soldering of THT components) without automatic optical inspection (AOI).  

Why AOI should be used when soldering THT components:

  • If the entire added value lies in the assembly
  • If the parts are subsequently enclosed in a housing or covered with a protective coating and can therefore no longer be repaired.
  • If you are dealing with a part relevant to safety
  • If there is a high cost associated with breakdown in the field or even a danger in the event of a breakdown.n bereits die gesamte Wertschöpfung in der Baugruppe steckt

AOI is a system that automatically detects faults in production or in products with the aid of image-processing procedures and then of course reports them. So these systems are of course also to be found in the field of electronics in the automobile industry and in the aerospace industry. It is especially advantageous to ensure fault-free manufacturing with the aid of automatic optical inspection in the manufacture of electronic assemblies after the mounting of components and soldering of printed circuit boards.

THT AOI Beleuchtung

The inspection of printed circuit boards can of course be performed not by AOI but by a person. However, it is in the nature of things that this entails a few disadvantages:

  • People cannot eliminate their own mistakes and they become tired and need breaks
  • Without a microscope it is practically impossible to inspect the fine structures and components of a modern printed circuit board.
  • People usually develop their own systems for the classification of faults, which has major consequences, in particular in traceability.

NordsonSELECT offers a standalone solution in the area of AOI

AOI TestbildMoreover, the use of AOI technology has now been perfected. In addition to the standalone solution in which the inspection technology is manually loaded, there are also inline systems.
The inline AOI and the inline selective soldering unit communicate via the integrated SMEMA interface, the printed circuit board is transferred entirely automatically from the inline selective soldering unit to the inline AOI and communication between the two devices is conducted via the integrated SMEMA interface. The handling and processing are fully automatic and do not require any operating staff.

For quality control NordsonSELECT offers an AOI standalone device that works in perfect harmony with our selective soldering units.
The combination of multi-coloured LED lighting and a high-resolution colour camera permits an unambiguous 3D assessment for meniscus and short circuit inspection.

The following criteria are checked in the soldering point inspection:

  • No solder
  • Too little solder
  • Solder not flowed around sufficiently
  • Solder outside the solder pad (if envisaged in the image detail and possible)
  • Short circuits between the solder pads or adjacent conducting paths (if envisaged in the image detail and possible)

AOI – the modern complement to selective solder