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A selective soldering unit may be much less expensive than wave soldering

Wave soldering is still an established technology today where large unit volumes occur with low product variety. However, if a wave soldering unit is getting old or if you are constantly up against the technological limitations of its manufacturing capabilities, you should consider whether or not a selective soldering unit might be the medium of choice.

In particular, anyone who deals with the subject of soldering THT assemblies will quickly discover that a selective soldering unit is not only very much less expensive than a wave soldering unit but also that it offers the opportunity to meet his own customers’ requirements with significantly more flexibility. And what’s the best thing about it? The cycle time remains exactly the same in most cases!

The calculation worth doing regarding wave soldering takes into account the following parameters:

  • Higher consumption of electricity
  • Higher consumption of solder
  • Higher consumption of flux
  • Additional masking of sensitive points
  • Increased need for rework
  • Additional cleaning work on the solder masks
  • Additional need for cleaning of the soldered assemblies

wellenloeten selectivloeten stickstofferzeuger

So overall costs are about five times as high with wave soldering!

Selective soldering is of course a variant of wave soldering used mainly for soldering printed circuit boards that are mounted partly or even entirely with THT components. With NordsonSELECT selective soldering units, nitrogen gassing is standard and the solder pot is designed in such a way that it still resists aggressive lead-free solder after many years thanks to its titanium material.

Wave soldering is normally performed in a protective gas atmosphere because the use of nitrogen offers an opportunity to reduce costs. This process can also be designed to be much more secure. Selective soldering as a form of wave soldering is in any event often the only possible method where wired components on both sides are concerned. However, as specialists in selective soldering we have established that the advantages of selective soldering have not yet been properly recognised everywhere. Wave soldering is also known as flow soldering.