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This manufacturer of everything to do with selective soldering is at home on every continent

As a manufacturer of units for selective soldering NordsonSELECT can offer products that are very easy, quick and flexible to program. We are outstandingly innovative as a partner and as a selective soldering manufacturer for our customers and we are also a manufacturer of selective soldering solutions that also still develops its own products.

As a manufacturer of units for selective soldering we have over 50 partners worldwide and our company is still managed by our owners. Not only do we give our promise of closeness to the customer but we also keep it. Hundreds of installations on all the world’s continents provide our references which will also convince you. As a renowned manufacturer in the field of selective soldering and everything associated with it, we offer you entry-level solutions and also ergonomic concepts and ideas for island manufacturing. Even fully automatic modular inline soldering units with six assemblies in parallel processing are day-to-day work for us. That is flexibility combined with performance for absolutely every budget!

If you’re looking for an expert and a manufacturer of selective soldering units …

... then at NordsonSELECT you’ve come to the right place! We have over 25 years of relevant experience. If it’s about units that cover all areas of selective soldering, you should contact us!
Current and new technologies such as MicroDrop fluxers with optional flux jet monitoring, a robust solder pot made of titanium, fully automatic wave height monitoring with automatic subsequent adjustment of the wave height, a process camera, pyrometer-controlled top and bottom large area heating, remote control, a Windows PC, operational data recording, automatic sag control with adjustment of the Z axis, automatic nozzle cleaning and a unique independent programming system are as much a part of our standards as a manufacturer of units for selective soldering as is our reliability in quality and service and they distinguish us as a manufacturer in the area of selective soldering.

Thanks to our selective soldering technology, every individual soldering point may be separately set and adjusted. Would you like an example? With a soldering point with earth connections containing copper, the soldering period can be extended at precisely this soldering point. So you can achieve a perfect soldering result despite difficult conditions. With most applications and with assemblies with SMDs mounted on both sides, there no product-specific solder masks required with selective soldering. Not only does this save cost but it also reduces the throughput time of products.
Only one authorised manufacturer of units for selective soldering achieves this.

Some of our references:

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