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Interselect surprises at the SMT trade fair in Nuremberg Early in May, the company Interselect showed two machines at the SMT show in Nuremberg. The proven IS-I-460 Inline system with magazine loader and unloader and the entry level system IS-T-300, which was introduced end of last year. The IS-T-300 was launched in November 2013 as an entry level system with a particularly attractive all-inclusive price. The package contains everything that is necessary for selective soldering: a MicroDrop-Jet-Fluxer and titanium solder pot mounted to a 3-Axis system, a powerful PC with preinstalled Windows 7 and machine software. The visual offline editor completes the bundle. The trade-off was that this machine could not be equipped with any of the options the IS-B series has. As the demand for IS-T-300 is so high since Productronica 2013 InterSelect decided to change that and thus to respond directly and quickly to customer requests. At the SMT in Nuremberg the company from the Rheinland-Pfalz presented new options for this small machine: An infrared top heating, which can also be retrofitted, next to the pre-heating with hot nitrogen now provides an adequate thermal energy base prior to soldering. The heater has 3 infrared emitters with a total of 4.5 kW of power and is regulated by the machine software. A laser wave height monitoring with automatic correction of wave height increases process reliability and repeatability significantly. At adjustable intervals, the height of the solder wave above the nozzle is measured without physical contact using a laser and reduces or increased to the set height. The known solder pot-exchange system from the IS-B and IS-I series is now also available for the IS-T-300. With a simple mechanics the solder pot can be pulled from the machine and replaced by another solder pot. This allows to quickly switch between two alloys – e.g. for leaded and lead-free solder. As a further innovation InterSelect announced a second tabletop model, the IS-T-460 will be available later this summer. This soldering has the same structure as the smaller IS-T-300 but may process, instead of 300 x 500 mm (IS-T-300), up to 460 x 460 mm printed circuit board process. The IS-T-460 as well can be equipped with the new options such as wave height control, infrared preheating and soldering pot-change system.