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A good concept efficiently advanced - following the entry-level machine IS-T-300, which celebrated its production launch in autumn 2014, the next larger machine of the T series; IS-T-460 could be integrated into the product portfolio at the beginning of this year. The system is also characterized by its low starting price as well as the optional, newly developed lower preheating and soldering circuit boards may in this case of a size to 460 x 650 mm.

"With our newly developed T-460 and our inline systems, that only require a very small footprint and are equipped with the latest techniques for process control, we continued our strategy. As with our entry-level machine the IS-T-300, which was introduced late last year, all our customer’s needs - in conjunction with the best price-performance ratio - are covered" justified Florian Strohmayer, general manager of InterSelect, the success. In fact, the team around Mr. Strohmayer and Mr. Hecht has now a portfolio, which will give a view to a very successful year 2015. The growth of 2014 will therefore likely not only repeated it will probably exceeded.

For this success, the new modular IS-I-460PD also has contributed. With six PCBs in parallel production this plant operates among others, at the company Bose in 24/7 operation.
Other modular systems could be placed also at the company Liteon in China and Mexico.

Another appointment is Productronica in Munich from 10.11.2015 until 13.11.2015 in Hall A4 booth 420 where a representative selection of machines will issued.