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The IS-I-508 is built with two independent zones in one machine. In Zone 1, a MicroDrop Fluxer is in use and mount on a high-speed X-Y-Axis system, the "Flux Drop" will be placed precisely on the previously programmed area of the PCB. In the second step, the flux will be activated by a large upper and lower preheater and at the same time the PCB will be preheated and finally prepared for soldering. The infrared emitters have an output of 1.5 to 4.5 KW, which automatically adapt to the PCB size. This saves energy and reduce running costs.

After Flux and preheating the PCB moves into zone 2 of the machine, which is equipped according the configuration with 1 or 2 InterSelect titanium solder pots. The solder pot is mount on an InterSelect X-Y-Z-Axis system which positioning very accuracy to the programmed solder position.

With strong high mass PCBs, the standard nitrogen convection preheater is supported by a large-scale IR topside preheater. While preheating a pyrometer control and measures the exact temperature right on the PCB surface and continuously regulates the preheat temperature during soldering.

To further increase the level of automation, the process stability and reliability, several options can be installed in and on the machine.

The integration of this selective solder machine into your production, for example with a loader and unloader is easily possible, alternative the IS-I-508 can be connected with any other Inline module, such as AOI systems. Among other features the automatic width adjustment of the conveyor and SMEMA interface standard.

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508 2 Zone Conveyor