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Your wave soldering machine went up in years? Or push for technological reasons more and more to the limits of your production capacities or possibilities?

Consciously or unconsciously, once you economically start analyze the topic: "soldering of THT components", you will realize; by using a Selective Soldering machine you will not just save money, but simultaneously react more flexible to the needs of your clients - and often at an identical cycle time. 

Beginning with operating costs; comparing with Wave Soldering, Selective Soldering will cut your average running costs five times regarding the following reasons:

  • Less use of electricity.

  • Less solder consumption, because of less dross.

  • Less flux consumption, because of Selective MicroDrop Fluxing.

  • No additional taping to protect critical areas.

  • Less rework as on Wave Soldering.

  • No cleaning of solder pallets.

  • No cleaning of soldered PCBs.

The InterSelect Selective Soldering machines are very easy, user-friendly and freely programmable, each solder joint can be individually set and adjusted. For example, on a solder joint with copper-containing ground connections, soldering time can be extended at precisely this solder joint. This allows you to achieve perfect soldering results despite "difficult conditions". In most applications, even for soldering PCB`s with two-sided SMD assembly, no product-specific solder masks are needed in selective soldering. This not only saves costs, but also reduces the processing time of the products in your production.

The mostefficient way to achieve the above benefits is the InterSelect Inline Selective Soldering System IS-I-508. This Inline Selective Soldering machine is built with two independent zones in one machine and can process PCB`s up to 508x508mm (20x20 inches). In Zone 1, a MicroDrop Fluxer is in use and mount on a high-speed X-Y-Axis system, the "Flux Drop" will be placed precisely on the previously programmed area of the PCB. In the second step, the flux will be activated by a large upper and lower preheater and at the same time the PCB`s will be preheated and finally prepared for soldering. The infrared emitters have an output of 1.5 to 4.5 KW, which automatically adapt to the PCB size. This save energy and reduce running costs.

After fluxing and preheating the PCB moves into zone 2 of the machine, which is equipped according the configuration with 1 or 2 InterSelect titanium solder pots.


Soldering nozzle with an outside diameter from 3 to 20mm are standard, the selective soldering nozzle work in combination with the solder pot and axis system, the soldering take place with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

For manufacturing much smaller quantities, the IS-T-300 Selective Soldering System with a footprint from just 1m² provide also lot possibilities. And this for a great Price!

2 300 Selective soldering

Do you like to experience the selective soldering process and our machines? Feel free to contact us for a live demonstration.


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